About The Society

Cambridge Travel Society is a newly formed student-run society. Below are our aims for the coming year.

Events & Speakers

We'll host student socials and panel events so you can meet other students passionate about travel and hear from notable travel writers, journalists and photographers.


We'll partner with travel companies to bring you exclusive discounts, offers and giveaways.


We'll work closely with companies to bring you exclusive career opportunities across the travel industry, including roles in journalism, education and hospitality.


We'll provide a platform where you can exchange travel stories and advice, and we'll help publicise your travel stories and photography.


We'll organise small group trips to places within the country and help you find people to travel with.


We'll raise awareness of the impact of travel on communities and the environment and discuss how you can make your travel more sustainable.

Why Join?

Members have exclusive access to all of our events, offers and opportunities and receive regular updates via our newsletter. Becoming a member is free for all University of Cambridge students and takes less than a minute.

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We're a new society and we need more people to help achieve our aims. If you have a passion for travel and want to be a part of growing the society, please contact [email protected]

Dhruv Sharma


Inès Magre


Gabriel Ong


Aroun Kalyana


Sushant Patil

Publicity Officer

Sonata Mieliauskaite

Design Officer

Pranjal Pandey

Events Officer

Karan Salvi

Speakers Officer

Laurence Davies

Community Officer

Isobel Waldie

Travel Officer

Rainer Yeo

Travel Officer